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  • Milk-Dress workshop @ Studio 34x

    Milk-Dress workshop @ Studio 34x

    Mark your calendars! Come join Milk-Dress workshop January 14 2017 at Studio34x at 9.30am. Creating an “Photo Manipulation” from sketch to awesome photo! This fun and very visual workshop experience will cover a lot of simple techniques and tips to dramatically improve the communication of every one of your images. It will cover the why…

  • Backstage video “Fun With Liquid”

    Backstage video “Fun With Liquid”

    This time we get more milk and more models, it was really fun and great to work with. Thank you all for this great day!    PLAY VIDEO

  • Water Dress shoot

    Water Dress shoot

    Together with DID (Ditch Image Design) we are making water shoot with three amazing models.It’s a part of our preparing for our milk-water shoot workshop Last few days i work with one pictures in photoshop,it is really nice to see how water flowing nice  female body. I hope that you will appreciate our results !